Coaching & Training

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Coaching & Training

We have the best real estate training in the area. We recruit, train, and coach the most professional and knowledgeable sales associates in the business.

Our Career Development and Training Department provides opportunities for our sales associates to grow both professionally and personally. We provide introductory and ongoing training designed to enhance careers and optimize earnings.

Our New Agent Training Program

• Designed to provide the foundational skills necessary for a highly productive and  satisfying real estate career.

• Designed to enhance the professionalism of each associate.

• Designed to provide hands-on learning experiences.

Continuing Training & Education

• Regular, on-going training webinars & seminars designed to expand  professional skills.

• Advanced, specialized training in business development, sales techniques  and real estate marketing.

• Specialized training in business and resource management.

• Training in the use of technology to maximize productivity and income.

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CBPR Sales Associate Services – GUARANTEE

To assist you in achieving the real estate success you desire, Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

guarantees to provide these 22 important Sales Associate Support Services.

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Business Planning Support

We will assist you in creating a Personal Business Plan at the end of each year to identify your business goals and strategies to meet those goals throughout the subsequent year.

Coaching Support

We will meet with you a least quarterly to review your Personal Business Plan to ensure that the goals you have set for your real estate business are being met or exceeded and provide coaching to increase or maintain your rate of success.

Management Support

We will work with you one-on-one to assist with transactions needing management support.

Personal Marketing Support

We will provide you your own unique, customizable Sales Associate website with the same tools and features of, in addition to a personal profile on, and audio biography on our exclusive HomeFacts system, drip marketing peices to stay-in-touch with your SOI.

Property Marketing Support

We will provide the most marketing tools of any competitor for all of your listings using Coldwell Banker Premier Realty’s Every Day Until Its Sold marketing system:

• Online Marketing on multiple Websites

• Individual Website for each Lisiting on

• Property Watch Exposure

• Exposure to Coldwell Banker Premier Realty’s network of  Professionals through the Daily Dose and Sales Meeting

• Customizable Audio Tour through the HomeFacts

• Yard Sign featuring a HomeFacts rider, Drip Marketing System

Lead Generation Support

We will distribute to you all inquiries/leads on all of your listings using CBPR’s lead protocol and will provide opportunities for additional leads through:

• Floor Time

• Relocation Team

• eLeads Team

• Expired Listing Calling Days

• Activity Days

• Providing Properties for Open Houses

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Technology Support

We will provide the most technology tools of any local real estate company, in order for you to market, promote and manage your business.

• Full-time Information Technologies Support Staff with Help Desk

• Website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Intranet Site

• Personal Sales Associate Email Account

• Online Document Management

• Online Contracts and Forms

• Lead Management System

• Drip Marketing System

• Contact Management

• Listing Marketing Reports

• CBPR Mail Center

• Fax to Email Technology

• YouTube Channel

Educational Support

We will provide you opportunities to increase your understanding, knowledge and skills through the many various training sessions offerered within CBPR’s Fast Start Career Training, scripts and role playing, continuing education and post licensing, CBPR systems, multiple listing service system, social media, legal, coaching events, mortgage and title.

Investor Services Support

We will assist you in capitalizing on investor opportunities through our Strategic Services Division to provide the analytics and support necessary for you to create and maintain successful relationships with your investors.

Central Processing Support

We will process all of your transaction documents and files through our Central Processing department where all paperwork will be scanned into our Document Management System for online access to you and your clients, the listing marketing services will be put into place with your receipt of a Marekting Services Report, your file reviewed for compliance and a customer satisfaction survey provided to your client, the results of which will be shared with you.

Business Development Support

We will provide you the tools necessary to increase your business, such as, Scripts Online, Listing Presentations, Seller Services Guarantee, Buyer Services Guarantee, Open House materials.


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