Crafting a Killer Facebook Business Page

There are many reasons for real estate agents to have a Facebook Business page. A business page is the only way to advertise and get insights on who and how many people are viewing your page. Because we live in the digital age, people also expect, now more than ever, that you have an active business page. Here are 3 tips for rocking your Facebook Business page.

Setting up your business page

Step one is to make sure you fill out every section of the profile and are compliant with your local real estate board.

  • Your profile photo should be a clear, current head-shot taken within the last two years.
  • Fill out the “My Story” section so people will know why they should work with you. Include your experience, your value proposition, and the neighborhood you work in. Don’t forget to also add a personal fact about yourself!
  • Use a Facebook cover photo that shows you are in the real estate industry, like the ones below.

Facebook Recommendations

Step two is to generate more reviews and recommendations on your page. Facebook has become the number one platform, behind Google that consumers will search for reviews before working with a business. Here are 3 ways to generate positive reviews.

  1. If you are a new agent, your previous co-workers could be a great resource for professional references.
  2. Reach out to co-op agents and ask them to leave a review on their experience working with you.
  3. After a closing deal, send your clients a congratulatory text and ask them if they have a moment to leave a review. See the photo below for an example.

Facebook Lead Generation

Step three is to use your Facebook business page to prospect. Prospecting will help you find future new clients and could also lead to referrals. The most important thing to remember is that you should prospect like you are making a new friend, not trying to sell them something. Here are ways to do so.

  • Join Facebook groups that interest you. Social media is all about building relationships with like-minded people. Whether you practice yoga or love craft beer, you can find a group that fits your personality. You will often find people in groups asking real estate questions. That’s where you step in, and show off your knowledge. You can also join the Inman Facebook group for more information.
  • Try searching for local hashtags. See what people are posting about and join in on the conversation. Some examples of local hashtags would be #YourCityName #CommunityName #LocalBusinessName
  • Tag local businesses! Did you check out a cool mom-and-pop restaurant? Are you working from your local coffee shop? Post about it and tag that business. When other people are looking on the business’ Facebook page, they will see your posts.

If you are a Coldwell Banker Premier Realty agent, you can request a Facebook audit by emailing . Be sure to include a link to your page. If you are not a CBPR agent you can request to join our private Facebook group for more ideas.

5 Instagram Questions Answered

  1. Who should you follow?

Unlike Facebook, people with a public profile won’t think twice if a stranger follows them. It is great for prospecting!

  • Past clients
  • Current clients
  • Local business owners
  • Local businesses
  • Community influencers
  • Local residents

2. How do you prospect on Instagram?

To prospect on Instagram, simply look up your farm location in the search bar. You can follow hashtags and locations filled with local residents and businesses. You will then be able to like and comment on their posts. Give yourself a goal of following 15 new people a day (more if you are ambitious), post a genuine comment on their feed, and they will most likely follow you back.

3. What’s the deal with hashtags?

You want to strategically place hashtags in your posts. When you first post a photo, you only want to describe the photo (hashtags will come later.) Once you post the photo, you will go into your post and leave a comment with all of your hashtags. Some of our favorite hashtags include:

  • #LasVegasLocals
  • #LasVegasLife
  • #HendersonLocals
  • #LasVegasfood
  • #LasVegasRealtor
  • #SummerlinLV

4. What should I be posting?

All of your photos should be something your ideal client would be interested in. Not only do people want to know your brand, they want to see the real you as well. Here are some post ideas for your feed and stories:

  • Basic listing posts
  • Artful photos of your listings
  • Out and about at local businesses
  • Company statistics
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Behind the scenes of your transactions

5. Do you have examples of cool graphics I could use on Instagram?

YES! At Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, we often create branded content for agents to post across their social media pages. If you want a sneak peak, you can click RIGHT HERE, HERE and HERE to download three of your own graphics. Just make sure to tag #Thankscb so we know you found this information useful!

-Posted on 3.26.19 by Tamara Foote, Digital Marketing Manager, CBPR.

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